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Building A Bountiful Library

“Stories constitute the single most powerful weapon in a leader’s arsenal.”

― Dr. Howard Gardner

It's safe to say we both have a bit of an addiction to books, always picking up something to put on the shelf and hopefully read at some point. After reading the quote above, we realized we can use this love of books to build our own arsenal of grand stories that will help us instill the positive values and character traits we work with our children on. Stories are powerful in helping us all learn life lessons, honorable character traits, truth and wisdom all through a world full of imagination and wonder!

Hopefully you had a chance to check out our Episode 141:Powerful Stories To Infuse Your Home With. If not, we encourage you to check it out and be encouraged. We would love to hear your book ideas and we'll continue to update this list as we hear from you. Below are some great read aloud books that we have enjoyed reading with our kids. Our children are 11 and younger, so we would especially love to hear from you parents who have teenagers. What are some great selections we can be on the lookout for to add to our library as the kids get older that will help us continue this rich tradition of reading as a family?

Books We Have Read And Love:

The Lord of the Rings -

Chronicles of Narnia -

The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood -

Little House On The Prairie -

Young Reader Books My Kids Love:

Magic Magnifying Glass -

The Tales That Tell The Truth - ,

Jesus Storybook Bible -

Indescribable -

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs -

If You Want To Bring An Alligator to School, DON'T! -

Aesop's Favorite Fables -

The Bible is also always a great read aloud! Below we have a link for the reading plan I mentioned on the podcast. We used this with the kids last year and it was really helpful.

FREE Printable for reading the Bible in a year with kids -

If you have book recommendations please share them with us here:

You can also send us a DM on instagram or facebook!


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