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An Adventure Waiting For Your Kids

We were recently introduced to a marvelous series of books, The Magic Magnifying Glass, and I couldn't help but share this with you all! We are always on the hunt for books that will feed our child's imaginations while instilling truth and wisdom into their lives. I don't know about you, but I get discouraged how many books promote whiny attitudes, disrespect for parents/adults or a multitude of values/attitudes that I know will lead my kids down a road of heartache.

Wendy Ann Mattox has done a beautiful job including adventure into all her books as well as humor and God-given truths from the Bible. My kids were laughing out loud as they read through this series and couldn't put them down! I love how the books are centered around nature - God's beautiful creation. In our home we have been focusing on cultivating a love and appreciation for God's creation outdoors and with animals. Each one of these books has a great animal that takes the lead and all the adventures are in the great outdoors. I also encourage you to follow Wendy's Facebook page as well. Our kids have fun reading the post that show us where she gleans her inspiration and the real animals behind her stories. The behind the scenes knowledge makes all the stories come to life even more!

The main character in The Magic Magnifying Glass is Finley James Carter, he is curious about the world around him and uses that curiosity and imagination to solve any mystery God puts before him. My kids are all super curious and a couple in particular LOVE to solve mysteries, so these books have been traveling everywhere with us; in the car, to the park, in the reading nook and beyond.

If you are looking for books to captivate your kids or grandkids, strengthen their reading skills and increase their love for reading, be sure to grab The Magic Magnifying Glass series. You won't regret it!

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