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Dinner Table Books

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

We love a good book and including a few books stacked in the middle of your dinner table can be an easy, beautiful way to bring life to the dinner table.

Reading poetry has many benefits including; increasing attention, text fluency, and imagination. We love having a few poetry books on our dinner table for the kids to reach for. We ask someone new each evening to choose a poem and read it aloud. Take a moment to talk about what everyone gathered from the poem and ask the child to read it again afterword. Here are a few of our favorites:

The Random House Book of Poetry for Children

Poetry for Kids : Robert Frost

Where the Sidewalk Ends

As we started this rhythm in our home, we stay on the lookout for quick reads that would be good conversation starters at the dinner table. Recently, we were gifted this wonderful book Brave Heroes and Bold Defenders. The kids have loved learning about people who have shaped our world and how their faith played a role in their lives. It is also so fascinating to see the conversation that spurs from reading about the lives and accomplishments of others.

The Bible! We do most of our devotional or chapter reading of the Bible as a family in the evening just before bed. However, we love having a Bible on the center of the table to be able to either look up a psalm, the verse we are memorizing or for reference in other books we are reading. I love this small, pocket Bible for that purpose.

We encourage you to share ideas with us for books to put on our table or other ways to make dinner time a place of connection, laughter and joy!

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