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What Kids Love About The Ark

We recently took an out of this world vacation to The Ark Encounter and Creation Museum in Kentucky. Be sure to check out our podcast where we talk more about how this vacation was like therapy in and of itself. We have four kiddo's with vastly different interests and personalities, so sometimes vacations can be difficult to find something each one will enjoy. The Ark made vacation with the kids so easy and fun! Each one of our kiddo's loved so much about this experience, but I thought today I would share what their favorite part of The Ark and The Creation Museum was.

Superman (as we call him) - Loves all things dinosaur! He plays and lives in this wonderfully creative world that we cannot always see, but through his rich imagination we can experience. He is a mover, likes to have a plan/schedule and a very visual learner.

He has an amazing dinosaur roar!

Superman's Favorites - Top of his list was learning aaaalllll about the dinosaurs at The Creation Museum and seeing life-size replicas. For him to learn that dinosaurs and dragons really did exist and to understand the history and how they all tie together with a Biblical worldview was a great learning experience for him!

His next favorite was the virtual experience, which actually surprised us, but the fact that it brought to life what the flood might have looked like has given him a great understanding as we read through the accounts of the flood in the Bible. He would have done it 10 times, if it wasn't an added cost.

Cowboy - This kiddo is going to be an engineer. He loves concrete facts and understanding how and why things work. Learning through logic, reading yet also visualizing, and being able to ask his questions and have them answered is what he seeks. The Creation Museum and The Ark was a slice of heaven for him!

Cowboy's Favorites - This boy was in a playground all his own as he walked through The Ark and saw how Noah and his family could have possibly lived with so many animals on board. As we read through the accounts of the flood, we never really thought about how they would have provided food, fed and watered all the animals day and night. And poop....what did they do with all the poop? THESE are the types of questions and things our Cowboy does think about. He learned all those logic loving facts he craves through the endless exhibits and information The Ark and The Creation Museum provided.

His second favorite was the the Ararat Zoo . He was able to experience several kinds of reptiles up close and personal (taking 10-20 photos of each)! Mom stood at a fair distance back to prevent a heart attack from ruining our vacation and he was able to ask the amazing staff all kinds of questions that they graciously answered. Across the way there was a mining replica where he could mine for gold. He was sure he was going to come up with a big 'ol nugget and again, there was the sweetest man who made the experience educational and fun!

Lil Bear - This kiddo is full of personality and makes friends wherever he goes. He needs to move and do and see. Sometimes sights and sounds can feel overwhelming, so having the ability to take a break outside and having his headphones on hand made the experience great!

Lil Bear's Favorites - I wish I had snapped more photos at the playground, but we were having too much fun playing. This kiddo loved the zip line and the play set. He spent hours between there and the food court that was next to it. In his book...Food = love..... Playground = love.

Second up had to be the exhibits. I was amazing to see how enthralled he was with the exhibit even though he was only 5. I encourage you if you go with little ones to be prepared and ok with coming and going. Anytime we could tell he was getting over stimulated or just needed to let his silly's out - we went outside. There are so many areas to walk around outside at The Ark and at The Creation Museum. This made it a much more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Our Princess - She was only 3 at the time and still being pushed around in a stroller that she preferred to have moving rather than stationary. I honestly didn't get to read a lot of the incredible signs and information throughout the museum, which is why I opted to buy The Ark and Creation Museum Signs book so I could read through in the evenings at the hotel and when we got back home.

She also loved seeing all the animals at the Zoo and getting to ride the camel. This girl mostly just loved being with her big brothers and getting to see all the sights and sounds The Ark offered.

Before I leave you, we have had a lot of questions about how much time to carve out for this vacation. I love that this vacation is free for kiddo's, so for us the bang for our buck is pretty good! If we had known how spectacular this was going to be and how much fun we would have, we would have easily stayed in the beautiful state of Kentucky 3-4 more days. To be honest, I didn't think it would be near as amazing and I also didn't think a museum would hold my kids attention as long as it did. We spent 2 days at The Ark and 1 day at The Creation Museum. We easily could have spend 3 days at The Ark and 2 days at The Creation Museum without feeling like it was too much time there.

We hope this blog help you and your family and encourages you to put this on your vacation bucket list! For more information visit:

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